SARAH & STEPH- belles soeurs

Belles Soeurs translates to sister's in law. Sarah and Steph are calligraphy enthusiast, painting lovers and typography obsessors!

Steph married Sarah's brother in 2014 and has since had a little Belle of their own - Penelope. Sarah had always been interested in learning how to write calligraphy and after completing various courses and lot of practise, she began creating beautiful pieces for her friend's weddings. Sarah introduced Steph to the joys of calligraphy and so also followed the same route. Steph has always been a passionate crafter and after many, many years, picked up her paint brush again and discovered her passion for watercolour.

Since then they have created Belles Soeurs where they can share their passion with you! Every design is handwritten/ drawn and painted to gain the best possible effect. We are always learning and experimenting so if you would like us to create something individual for you, please get in contact - we would relish the challenge!